Lawsuit Claims Doctor’s Negligence Caused Disability

Elise Kramer | April 30th, 2012

A plaintiff recently filed a lawsuit after the child suffered a birth injury, claiming that an obstetrician’s attempt to deliver a baby damaged the infant’s nerves and left the child disabled. Daniela Griffin and Christopher S. Griffin Sr. seek damages for their child’s Erbs palsy, claiming medical malpractice resulting in brain damage. The suit was filed by a birth injury lawyer on the 27th of February, 2012 in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois. According to the lawsuit, Daniela Griffin was admitted to Metrosouth Medical Center to give birth to Christopher S. Griffin Jr. and the obstetrician who delivered the baby as well as the hospital are both need as defendants in the new lawsuit.

Malpractice claimed in suit

According to the lawsuit, the baby suffered shoulder dystocia during the delivery. This condition takes place when, after the baby’s head is delivered, the shoulder cannot get past the mother’s pelvis. According to the complaint, Dr. Edouard Coupet “negligently and carelessly utilized greater than gentle traction…to the head and neck of the infant, thus causing the infant to suffer permanent neurological injury and damage to his brachial plexus nerves” as he was trying to free the shoulder of the child. According to the lawsuit, this resulted in Erb’s Palsy, which is a condition that involves paralysis of the arm.

The lawsuit claims that the defendant, Dr. Coupet, did not carry out alternative maneuvers to free the shoulder and did not practice correct tactics in using this procedure. He allegedly did not stop all maternal pushing, did not take reasonable and cautionary measures, and did not follow hospital protocol. The Griffins are claiming that Coupet was negligent and incautious and should have done more to help deliver the child in a safe and effective manner.

Normal life not possible for palsy victim, claims suit

The Griffins claim that their child suffered severe and permanent injuries and that the child is now permanently disabled and handicapped. They also claim that the child will not be able to experience a normal life, and are asking for more than $50,000 from Dr. Coupet and the hospital in order to help cover the costs.