Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is the result of brain damage – in many cases, brain damage as a result of a birth injury. During labor or delivery, if the baby suffers hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) or other serious medical emergency that is not quickly rectified, the consequence can be brain damage that results in cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a permanent, lifelong disability with no cure. Its primary effect is to impair motor ability: children with cerebral palsy may experience stiffness, paralysis, erratic movements, and/or problems with walking or moving. Cerebral palsy may also impair speech, cognitive development, vision or hearing, and may also cause seizures. The severity of the disability depends on the type and extent of the brain damage. In mild cases, the sufferer may only have minor balance or coordination problems. But in severe cases, the sufferer may need round-the-clock care  and be confined to a wheelchair. Cerebral palsy in which all four limbs are affected is known as spastic quadriplegia.

Negligence, medical malpractice, and cerebral palsy

Sadly, in many cases, cerebral palsy could have been prevented if the physician attending the child’s birth had responded appropriately to a medical emergency such as hypoxia. Incorrect use of forceps or vacuum extractor while delivering the child, failure to recognize fetal distress, use of excessive force during the delivery, not treating infection in the mother or baby, or failing to perform an emergency C-section in a timely manner are all examples of potential medical negligence or malpractice that can cause lasting, permanent injury to a baby.

In such cases, parents may be eligible to file a cerebral palsy lawsuit against the doctor or hospital whose negligence caused their child to become permanently disabled. Many parents who have filed a lawsuit after the child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy have been awarded large awards by juries, in some cases multi-million dollar settlements.

Cerebral palsy litigation

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