One Child’s Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy

Emma Gonzalez | July 13th, 2012

Five-year-old Andrew Burkhart isn’t like other kindergarteners. Little Andrew takes 14 medications everyday, and his free time is divided between the playground and doctor’s office. Andrew was born with cerebral palsy, a disease that affects many aspects of his life. His diagnosis is reflected in his parents’ lives, as well: Andrew’s mother, Kellie Burkhart, quit her job in order to take care of her son, while the child’s father, also named Andrew, now pays the medical bills with an intense job teaching seven math classes at the local middle school.

Thanks to the family’s sacrifices, Andrew has access to some of the latest and greatest medical advances, including stem cell treatments that may reverse his condition. But the financial burden of these treatments is great, and the costs can easily crush a family like the Burkharts. For them and others, filing a lawsuit due to birth injury is the best, and sometimes only option. By filing a lawsuit after the child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Andrew’s family can hope to recoup some of the costs of his treatment – giving them the freedom to enjoy their son, instead of working to pay for every pill or doctor’s visit.

Doctors required to take seriously warning signs of cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a disease that affects the central nervous system and the brain, making it a very serious birth injury and one with life-long consequences for Andrew and his parents. The condition may develop in utero or during birth. During pregnancy, there are several clear warning signs to watch for, and a vigilant physician can often recommend treatment to avoid further problems. During labor and delivery, several issues, including low oxygen and umbilical cord complications, can end in heartbreak – a diagnosis of cerebral palsy as a result of birth injury. Notably, physicians are required to take all warning signs seriously, and failure to do so is tantamount to medical malpractice and/or negligence.

Diagnosing cerebral palsy in children

Cerebral palsy can be difficult to diagnosis in babies and young children. Nevertheless, signs to watch for include problems with movement or motor skills, gastrointestinal problems, and learning disabilities.

Contacting a birth injury lawyer is the first step toward compensation

For victims of medical malpractice, filing a lawsuit after their child sustained a birth injury is the first step toward securing compensation. A birth trauma settlement can help cover exorbitant medical costs, including cutting-edge therapies and medications that may be required. Balkin & Eisbrouch attorneys experienced in cerebral palsy cases can be your lifeline – the key to achieving the financial resources necessary to seek treatment. Call today. Your case evaluation is free, and we won’t charge a cent until we’ve secured your compensation.