Parents May Choose Birth Injury Lawsuit

Elise Kramer | September 4th, 2012

Parents of infants who have been harmed by birth injury related to fetal distress during the birthing process may choose to file suit against the hospital staff or doctors responsible for the injury. Fetal distress is a serious condition that can happen during childbirth and occurs when n infant is somehow in distress in a way that could cause significant damage to him or her. It is the responsibility of the delivery room staff to do all that they can in order to prevent fetal distress, so as not to cause a birth injury later on.

Birth injuries: multiple causes

A number of symptoms, causes, and signs of potential birth injury are possible during the delivery process. The most effective way of determining fetal distress is to monitor the baby’s heart rate–if there is a significant change, this may be a sign of shoulder dystocia, ischemia (or low blood supply), problems with the umbilical cord, hypoxia (or low oxygen level), a diagnosis of diabetes in the mother, or prolonged labor. Many of these potential causes should be recognized and addressed by hospital staff as quickly as possible in order to prevent a serious birth injury.

A number of parents whose infants have been injured by negligence or malpractice have filed a birth injury lawsuit as a result and are hoping to receive settlements or compensation that could help cover the child’s medical bills and other injury-related costs. Serious birth injuries can cause brain damage, physical impairment, and other serious and lasting complications; in extreme cases, an infant can die as a result of a birth injury.

Attorneys can help parents

Parents whose children have been the victim of a malpractice-related birth injury caused by fetal distress or negligence may want to hire experienced birth injury attorneys if they choose to take legal action against the hospital or doctors responsible for the malpractice. Lawsuits like these have been filed across the country by parents of children who have been seriously affected by fetal distress.