Bone Injury/ Fracture

A bone injury or fracture may occur as a result of a negligence when the medical team actstoo quickly, roughly, or uses instruments incorrectly during delivery.  Some bone fractures may heal themselves, but in some cases, children may require special medical equipment to properly facilitate healing. This can be costly and may affect the child and family for several months. In an effort to procure compensation for these types of birth injuries, families may file a birth injury lawsuit against their medical team.

Diagnosing and treating bone injuries

Infant bone fractures most commonly occur in the collarbone. This injury may occur during a breech delivery in which the child starts crowning feet and bottom first rather than head first. In this situation, the medical team will act quickly to get the baby oxygen. In some instances, acting quickly means using medical devices to help deliver the baby. Use of these instruments and excessive force to deliver the child may result in a bone fracture.

Arms, legs, and even skulls are also commonly fractured.

Diagnosing a bone fracture may be difficult. If your child cries when you touch a certain body part or lacks movement in a body part, he or she may be suffering from a bone fracture. Collarbone fractures may be easier to detect. Sometimes with this type of fracture, a bump will develop at the injury point.  Physicians may use a CT scan (computerized tomography), x-rays or MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) to locate the fracture or break.

Treatment options may include medical devices or stabilizers to isolate and cure the area.

File a bone fracture lawsuit

Bone fractures occur in one of every thousand births. Though some children will heal without medical intervention, others sustain fractures that never heal properly and may impact growth, impair strength, and limit a child’s range of motion throughout life. Filing a bone injury lawsuit may help recover financial compensation for the financial, emotional and physical hardships related to this type of birth injury.

If your child was injured as a result of medical malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation. Call the birth injury team of Balkin & Eisbrouch to learn more about filing suit. Legal consultation is free and there is never a charge for our legal services unless we win your case.