Erb’s Palsy

Thousands of newborns every year suffer from Erb’s palsy as a result of mistakes made during the delivery process. Physicians who aren’t experienced, nurses under poor supervision, and midwives who make a simple mistake can cause tragic consequences for a delicate newborn, which can leave the baby with lifelong injuries and complications. Erbs palsy is a serious injury that can cause weakness or loss of movement in the arm of an infant. It occurs when the bundle of nerves around an infant’s shoulder, known as the brachial plexus, is damaged during the delivery process. Read more about other birth injuries.

What causes Erb’s palsy?

Erbs palsy is a birth injury that most often arises because of complications during a difficult delivery. Errors that can damage the brachial plexus include wrenching of the shoulders during a head-first delivery, allowing pressure to build on the infant’s raised arms during a breech delivery (when the child is delivered feet-firs), and allowing the infants head and neck t twist or pull to the side as its shoulders pass through the birth canal. These simple mistakes can make an infant suffer for the rest of his or her life.

The symptoms of Erb’s palsy include weakness or immobility in the upper arm, both upper and lower arm, ro even in the hand. These problems could become apparent soon after birth, and is usually noticeable because a child flops the affected arm when he or she is moved. The condition can be tested for with x-rays that can test for shoulder fractures as well as with reflex tests, that can determine whether or not a child has been affected by the condition.

Lawsuits often parents’ choice

Erb’s palsy can generally be prevented if adequate medical care is provided and if doctors take precautions to avoid complications if a delivery is likely to be difficult, such as if the mother suffers from diabetes or if the baby is in the breech position. Some infants recover from Erb’s palsy, but many do not; a number of parents have commenced a birth trauma lawsuit with the help of experienced birth injury lawyers after their child was born with this condition. These lawsuits are filed in the hopes of winning compensation from those liable for the damage they caused.

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