Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit

Cerebral palsy may be the result of a birth injury that typically occurs due to hypoxia (low oxygen in the fetus) and resulting brain damage. For example, if a delivery team does not respond quickly to fetal distress, or if they fail to perform a C-section when necessary, or if they use vacuums or forceps incorrectly, they may have committed birth injury malpractice. Families affected by birth injuries may be eligible to file a cerebral palsy lawsuit.

Medical malpractice can cause cerebral palsy as a result of a birth injury

Cerebral palsy is a devastating example of birth injury malpractice. Hospitals and medical staff are required to adhere to certain standards during labor and delivery. If a medical professional deviates from these practices during times of fetal distress, it may be considered an act of medical negligence. A birth injury lawsuit, and specifically a cerebral palsy lawsuit, will investigate the circumstances of an individual birth, including the medical team’s response to fetal distress caused by shoulder dystocia, umbilical cord problems, uterine rupture, or other issues that may affect the baby’s oxygen intake.  Such circumstances may warrant an emergency C-section or other special maneuver in an effort to avoid brain damage in the fetus. Learn more about the causes of cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy lawsuit seeks justice

A child born with cerebral palsy will experience health challenges throughout his or her life. These include learning disabilities, seizures, stiff or weak muscles, and involuntary muscle movement. A successful cerebral palsy lawsuit can help a family earn justice, and provide the necessary resources to meet the staggering financial hardship faced by a child with cerebral palsy. For example, a Florida hospital was recently ordered to pay $15 million to a boy who suffered from cerebral palsy. In Connecticut, a jury awarded a child $58 million as a result of birth injury malpractice resulting in cerebral palsy. The boy’s parents claimed that their attending doctor failed to perform a C-section in a timely manner, and did not check their infant son’s position before performing the cesarean. Get information on diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Let a birth injury lawsuit lawyer fight for you

The cerebral palsy attorneys at Balkin & Eisbrouch understand the problems facing children and families affected by life-altering birth injuries. We have over 40 years of experience with medical negligence claims, and our goal is to help you obtain financial compensation for your child’s immeasurable pain and suffering, and also for the significant financial costs associated with raising a special needs child. Please call us today to determine whether your child’s circumstances warrant legal action.