Chicago Stillbirth Results in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Emma Gonzalez | May 17th, 2012

Josabeth and Rene Rodriguez, together with their birth injury attorneys, filed a stillbirth lawsuit in Cook County, Illinois on April 20, 2012. The Chicago couple claim that the medical staff at St. Anthony Hospital did not properly monitor their daughter’s signs of fetal distress during labor, and also failed to perform a C-section when necessary. According to their complaint, the medical’s team’s alleged negligence resulted in the plaintiffs’ daughter being stillborn. They request compensation for their emotional injuries and medical costs.

Alleged medical malpractice results in stillbirth

According to the plaintiffs’ lawsuit resulting from birth injury, St. Anthony medical staff “failed to properly monitor the progress” of Josabeth Rodriguez’s labor. The lawsuit claims that, though the baby allegedly showed signs of distress, hospital personnel failed to properly evaluate the fetal heart monitor strips. Had doctors properly evaluated and responded to signs of fetal distress, the Rodriguez lawsuit states that their daughter would not have been stillborn.

Medical team failed to perform a C-section when necessary

According to the plaintiffs’ birth injury attorneys, St. Anthony doctors failed to perform a C-section when this step could have saved the life of the plaintiff’s unborn daughter. Case details state that medical staff did not properly react or respond to signs of fetal distress, which included hyperemia (excess blood, hypoxia (lack of oxygen), and acidosis (excessive acid concentrations). These conditions should have been recognized as serious fetal distress. The lawsuit states that by failing to properly react and perform a cesarean section, the St. Anthony medical staff are responsible for the plaintiffs’ daughter’s stillbirth.

Birth injury attorneys available to evaluate potential cases

We understand the heart-wrenching pain of a stillbirth – and the emotions that follow. The experienced birth injury attorneys at Balkin & Esbrouch are available to help evaluate your case’s potential compensation, both for emotional distress as well as the medical costs stemming from your tragedy. Some birth injury and stillbirth plaintiffs have been awarded more than $1 million in compensation, and our goal is to help you win justice for your family.