A Letter from David Eisbrouch, Esq.

Birth Injury LawyerFor more than 40 years, the birth injury lawyers at Balkin & Eisbrouch have committed themselves to winning justice for children and families who have become the tragic victims of medical errors or negligence in the delivery room. We understand how the great joy and love that accompanies the birth of a child can quickly turn to grief and frustration because of serious complications including brachial plexus injury, brain damage, cerebral palsy, and even stillbirth. Families are left with questions, and often doctors and hospital staff who are wary of taking any blame are not forthcoming with answers. In these unfortunate circumstances, parents can easily feel helpless, with nowhere to turn. That’s where the birth injury attorneys at Balkin & Eisbrouch come in.

We often hear a variation on the same story when couples call our birth injury lawsuit phone number: Parents are casually informed by someone on hospital staff that there were complications during delivery, but the details are always vague. The child is fine, they are told, and they can take him or her home. With no apparent reason to be alarmed, the parents take their beloved newborn home, only to soon discover that there was great reason to be alarmed all along. Their worst fears are then realized when they get a diagnosis for their son or daughter of nerve damage, brain damage, or cerebral palsy. They face a lifetime of unexpected medical costs for therapy, medications, and other forms of care and treatment. It’s at this point that they call us, looking for answers, looking for hope.

At Balkin & Eisbrouch, we have built up expertise over decades in investigating medical negligence in the delivery room, collecting evidence, and proving to a jury who was really responsible for a newborn child’s irreversible injuries. Our hand-picked team of medical experts and investigators will leave no stone unturned in gathering proof of a hospital staff’s malfeasance, and in finding the hard evidence that will refute the doctors’ and nurses’ pleas of ignorance. We won’t be satisfied until we discover what went wrong, when, and why. There may be no way to turn back the clock on the harm done to your child, but we can hold the responsible parties liable fort heir actions, and secure damages for your family to provide your child with the best possible care.

In some instances, birth injuries are no one’s fault. But in cases where they could have been avoided, justice needs to be served. To speak with a birth injury lawyer today, call our toll-free birth injury lawsuit phone number: 855-60-BIRTH. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will evaluate your case and answer all of your questions free of charge. We do not charge for our legal services unless we win your case in court or reach an out of court settlement.